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The Jack Snaps: Positive, Pro-social, Psycho-educational Music for Kids!


Jack Snaps writes and performs positive children's music that teach pro-social lessons like "Listen to Your Mama" and "You've Got to Forgive" or  teaches how to self talk in times of stress with his "Coping Song".  "We're All Americans" teaches kids to not fight with each other because we all share in being American, so "give a high five to a Veteran!"  In addition, the song "Dr. King" reminds children to focus on the message of love taught by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  An anger control song called "Play a Kazoo" teaches kids to take 3 breaths and play music when venting anger.  The “Trash Train Tune” is a fun train song that relates a meditation technique to let problems roll on by.  Other fun songs like "The Superman Waltz" and "The Aquaman/Batman/Hawkman" song teach children to have fun with their imagination and promotes reading.  The shows are interactive and his “Fingers Song” and “Divine Design” number get the kids up and moving (and learning science too!) Jack Snaps is a clownish character performed by Thomas J. Walsh, who holds a Masters Degrees in Theater MA (Missouri State), Social Work MSW (University of Kansas), and School Leadership MASL (Baker U).  Please email Jack.Snaps@yahoo.com   or call (816) 914-1166.

Rainbow Star

Rainbow (Jack's wife) leads the children in dance, movement, counting, and rhythm.  Kids are encouraged to get up and move to the fast songs and keep up with Rainbow.  Rainbow teaches how to count with your fingers and leads other interactive games.  Rainbow is a charater created by Amy Walsh who holds a Masters Degree in Special Education.

The Jack Snaps are a local Kansas City family act they prefer playing for special events, churches, and charities.  Please call Jack at (816)914-1166 or email Jack.Snaps@yahoo.com

The Jack Snaps!

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